Tintri launches storage solutions for remote and branch office (ROBO) deployments

Channel-exclusive T1000 system and Tintri software deliver ease of management,  greater efficiencies, data protection, and rich analytics.

Tintri has introduced solutions specifically suited to ROBO, smaller VDI rollouts and departmental use cases. These solutions will be sold exclusively via Tintri’s channel partners—composed of Tintri’s new T1000 all-flash storage and highly differentiated software.

The T1000 shares the same OS and management platform as other Tintri all-flash and hybrid storage. That allows it to apply analytics and machine learning to optimise customer operations without manual effort. For example, the T1000 assigns each application the specific quality of service level needed for predictable performance. Now organisations can deploy Tintri at the edge without expert resources and with minimal operating expense.  

Available via Tintri’s global network of channel partners, the T1000 is preconfigured for the channel, prepackaged with replication and security focused software, and can be ordered as a single SKU in a customer quote. These solutions address the fundamental priorities of ROBO, smaller-scale VDI and departmental use cases:

·      Ease of management. The T1000 can be ready for production in less than 30 minutes—installed remotely and then managed centrally (or locally by an IT generalist.)

·      Exceptional efficiency. The T1000 offers inline space savings, and with Tintri software allows for virtual machine-level snapshots and clones for budget driven deployments for these use cases.  

·      Data protection. The T1000 allows for back-up to Tintri or third party storage systems and to the public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 via Tintri Cloud Connector.

·      Rich analytics. All Tintri systems allow customers to troubleshoot latency across the entire infrastructure. Organisations gain real-time analytics and the ability to eliminate over-provisioning by modelling their need for storage and compute 18 months into the future.

Each T1000 can deliver up to 10TB of effective flash capacity, and support up to 100 VMs. The T1000 augments the recently launched EC6000 series—Tintri now offers a comprehensive capacity range of 10TB – 645TB in just two rack units.

“With today’s release, organisations can cater to the needs of all their applications, from edge use cases to their data centre.” explained Ken Klein, CEO and chairman of Tintri.  “The T1000 uses the same OS, user interface and analytics as every other Tintri system—a single platform that puts VM-level control and insight at an organisation’s fingertips.”

“Tintri has consolidated its core value prop into a smaller package. The T1000 is accessible to new customers and use cases, but still offers Tintri’s hallmark visibility of individual virtual machines and containers,” said Tom Cahill, Vice President of Partner & Product Management at CDW. “We’ve seen growing demand for remote office and departmental use cases, and the T1000 is a great fit for those customer needs.”


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