Axial Systems partners with GuardiCore

Axial Systems  is working in partnership with GuardiCore, a leader in data centre and cloud security, which provides a single, scalable security solution that helps its customers protect critical workloads and applications through better visibility, micro-segmentation, breach detection and response. Axial has signed an agreement with its distributor partner, Securicom Global, to adopt GuardiCore, and is now actively engaging with their customers and prospects with the GuardiCore Centra Security Platform.

 “East-west traffic, which is effectively how applications and systems within the data centre ‘talk to’ each other, it is a neglected security area within many organisations,” said Mike Simmonds, managing director Axial Systems. “As such, it poses an acute risk to their data and their data center security. Working with GuardiCore offered us an excellent means of addressing this issue for our customers.”

The GuardiCore Centra Security platform enables organisations to better control east-west traffic through application-centric micro-segmentation policies that are easy to deploy and maintain throughout the lifecycle of these applications. Micro-segmentation is critical to properly control traffic flows within applications to reduce the attack footprint, ensure only compliant flows are allowed and to contain threats in the case of a breach. 

Additionally, GuardiCore Centra includes real-time detection and response featuring high interaction, dynamic deception. This enables the business to detect active breaches within the network, confine them to a secure location and then easily prioritise and investigate them in order to pinpoint compromised assets for accelerated mitigation and remediation.

“Businesses must be able to effectively protect their data centres and their servers at the periphery, but it’s equally critical that if an issue does occur in the core, we can provide a warning across the whole of the estate of the potential dangers. What’s especially compelling about GuardiCore, is that it has solutions that can do all of this together in a ‘single pane of glass’,” adds Simmonds.   

“We were attracted to working with Axial not only because it has an extensive base of customers across multiple industry sectors but also because of its in-depth experience and expertise in data centre network optimisation, security and visibility arenas. Axial understands networks inside out and they appreciate how a data centre should work and how traffic should be flowing across it – and that insight helps us work together to build solutions that drive enhanced network security for our customers,” said Hervé Bourgeois, vice president of sales EMEA at GuardiCore.

David Shaw, managing director of UK & Ireland distributor, Securicom Global, comments: “We are delighted to be supplying Axial Systems with the GuardiCore Centra Security Platform. The selection by Axial Systems of the GuardiCore platform as an integral part of Axial’s security portfolio enables enterprise customers to fill a critical gap in their security infrastructures. Focusing on anomalies in east-west traffic within the data centre –  a historical blind spot – GuardiCore catches and contains active breaches before they can do significant damage.”

Axial is already working closely with GuardiCore and developing opportunities with existing and new customers and prospects.

“Axial Systems is an established partner that understands the security market, has a strong customer base and that also has expertise in implementing and supporting security solutions to combat ever-increasing cyber threats,” adds Shaw. “Axial also has extensive experience in deploying and supporting exciting emerging technologies to the market – another key factor for us in appointing them to provide the GuardiCore platform.”  

In conclusion, Axial’s Simmonds says: “Ultimately, the partnership helps to deliver a solution that businesses can use both to better understand what is happening in their data centres and gain a greater level of control over what takes place there.  By helping deliver the solution to the marketplace and backing it up with service support and extensive expertise in network examination and security, we are helping more businesses to tap into the benefits of enhanced network visibility and control.” 


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