Research shows the jury is still out on cloud trust and security

Nexsan survey highlights divided opinions on cloud security and reliability.

While confidence in the capabilities of public and private cloud has grown, security and reliability remain a concern among many UK-based IT professionals. These findings were part of a recent survey undertaken by Nexsan, a global leader in unified storage solutions, in which 119 respondents answered a series of questions relating to their use and experience of public and private cloud services.

The survey established that 83 percent of IT professionals felt that their confidence in the public cloud has increased over the last 12 months, with 54 percent confirming that they did not expect to have a cloud infrastructure failure in the next year. Despite the positive feedback, 57 percent however, said that they would still not trust the cloud with their most critical data, citing security,

insufficient data control and cost as concerns influencing their decisions.

Overall the results suggest that the adoption of cloud-based solutions is rising, but with opinions around its use and capabilities more or less split amongst IT professionals.

“In today’s business world, data is the lifeblood of any organisation, so it’s really important to evaluate and understand the best option for storing and managing data reliably and securely,” Geoff Barrall, COO at Nexsan commented. “Depending on the nature of the data, cloud-based solutions may be the best option, or not. Nexsan delivers reliable, cost-effective and highly efficient on-site storage solutions - with file sync and share capabilities included - that are specifically designed to address data control, integrity, and security.”

The division in the market shows that organisations believe the cloud is maturing, but there are still major steps to be made when it comes to data control, security, cost and compliance. With many factors to consider, including GDPR coming into effect next year and the increasing threat of ransomware attacks, organisations that leverage the right data storage solution for each workload will be able to ensure their data is sufficiently protected and available.


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