NEC and Fox-IT provide joint solution to prevent cyber-attacks

NEC Enterprise Solutions' NEC Express5800/R110 Server is now fully certified for use with the Fox DataDiode Appliance.

The Fox DataDiode Appliance in combination with NEC Express5800/R110 Servers provides IT infrastructures, systems and networks with protection, connectivity and reliability. Customers can build a complete end-to end solution including a solid barrier that secures the assets of enterprises and governmental institutions and prevents data leakage.

Fox DataDiode Appliance: guaranteed one-way communication as turn-key solution

The Fox DataDiode Appliance is a complete solution for connecting otherwise separated networks. The cross-domain solution reconciles the seemingly contradictory requirements of high assurance and free flow of information. Its guaranteed one-way network connectivity makes sure organizations can securely and smoothly transfer information in real-time, 24x7, offering the highest certified level of security and preventing unwanted access to business assets and critical systems.


The NEC Express5800/R110 Server Certified by FOX-IT

The NEC Express5800/R110, an affordable yet powerful single-socket 1U rack server, delivers essential server features, flexibility and enterprise-class reliability in a small footprint. NEC Rack Servers are designed to deliver high performance, reliability and availability at affordable prices and address any business environment, from work groups and small businesses to medium and large smart enterprises. NEC’s servers are acclaimed for supporting operating temperatures of up to 40°C - and with certain models in selected configurations pushing this up to 45°C. All NEC servers have world-class “made in Japan” reliability and are delivered as a standard with Smart Management features.


Marc van den Broek, Product Marketing Manager at NEC Enterprise Solutions, comments: “We are extremely pleased to be able to provide customers with certified servers that enable them to build a complete solution that protects and safeguards the availability and integrity of their critical assets. In today’s IoT driven world, secure connectivity is key.  People want reliable and secure devices on the edge like with the DataDiode, and with our systems we can supply exactly that.¨


“With this certification we provide Government and ICS customers standardized on NEC Express5800/R110 the possibility to build a one-way connection between networks of unequal trust, based on the proven Fox DataDiode Solution. With the growing number of threats originating from a connected world, the combination of the NEC Express5800/R110 and the Fox DataDiode ensures secrets and assets are protected.” emphasizes Peter Geijtenbeek, International Sales Director, FOX-IT.


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