The global data centre is coming

Aruba launches the largest data centre campus in Italy.

Aruba S.p.A. announces the pre-opening of one of the largest data center campuses in Italy, in Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo). The Global Cloud Data Center was designed to meet the colocation and IT infrastructure management needs of companies to represent one of the largest Cloud hubs.

The strategic location in the north of Italy, not far from the city of Milan, the maximum use of technology, the high levels of energy efficiency with total respect for the environment, and the advanced security systems make the data center the perfect infrastructure for hosting any IT system.

The Global Cloud Data Center has been designed and built with the goal of exceeding market standards when it comes to reliability and performance, and be capable of meeting every demand, even in terms of future expansion, given the vast size of the site: from an individual dedicated server to complex physical and Cloud infrastructure solutions, via planning cages, data rooms and whole dedicated data centers, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, right through to the comprehensive outsourcing of an IT infrastructure, as well as all the additional facilities, such as, multi-carrier connectivity, routing and hardware supplies; not to mention multi-purpose areas to fulfil the broadest range of logistical needs, including temporary office space, warehouses, rooms and workstations for use by clients.

The services available are aimed at large companies, public administration, IT operators and SMEs, authorities, systems integrators, telecoms companies and any businesses keen to work with the Italian market and expand their customer base.

The Global Cloud Data Center is connected to the main national and international carriers and boasts its own dark fiber infrastructure offering a dual path to the Caldera Business Park in Milan, with virtually unlimited transmission capacity. 

A stand-out aspect of the campus is its unique specifications, offering maximum energy efficiency. Aruba already uses energy that comes exclusively from certified renewable sources for its data centers. In the new area, energy will be supplied via multiple connections to external utilities, a hydroelectric plant and a photovoltaic system, both belonging to Aruba. As well as this, an incredibly efficient geothermal cooling system guarantees optimum results with much lower energy consumption. In addition, all the systems have been designed and built to meet and exceed the highest levels of resilience set out by ANSI/TIA 942-A Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4). 

As an extra guarantee of the reliability of the data center and the entire campus, is the fact that the area has not historically been affected by natural events such as earthquakes and flooding.

The area is also easy to get to, as it is not far from three international airports (BGY, LIN and MXP), and close to the high speed rail and motorway networks.

Lastly, in order to comply with the GDPR - coming into force in 2018 - and for the purposes of data management by a provider in Europe, non-European providers now have the chance to host their data in a data center campus that complies with the regulations in force.

The first data center in the area is up and running, and more than 4MW of power - of the 90MW planned for the whole campus - have already been sold and are fully operational. It will be fully up and running in the summer, and will officially open on 5 October 2017.

We have designed the Global Cloud Data Center so that we would not have any limits in terms of space and resources, and we wanted to achieve that in a totally eco-sustainable way, thinking about the environment, but also about the benefits of limiting consumption, raising standards of reliability and security in the data center world,” explained Stefano Cecconi, Aruba S.p.A.'s CEO – “The goal was to provide a response to the big international players who have recently expressed the need for a strategic base to host their data in Italy, and provide their own services to a market, and from our point of view, to sustain their growth.‘’


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