Adder Technology selects NetApp to power crucial business processes

Scalable data storage infrastructure keeps crucial R&D function at the top of its game.


NetApp has been selected by Adder Technology, the world’s largest provider of IP-based KVM (keyboard, video and mouse), to support mission critical R&D and operations processes, as well as flexible and scalable data storage for a range of crucial documentation. The installation was completed in partnership with Silverbug, an IT consultancy and IT support specialist. 

Headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Adder Technology is a worldwide provider of IT hardware, with offices in Boston, Singapore and Shanghai as well as outlets throughout Europe. The company develops and manufactures IP-based, high performance KVM solutions, commonly used by broadcasters as well as energy and transport command and control centres. Companies include the BBC, Illumination Entertainment and Lisbon Airport. Over the last five years it has doubled in size and now distributes to more than 90 countries throughout the world.

In order to hit its ambitious growth targets, Adder Technology needed its newly designed KVM products to add growth on top of its existing portfolio. This made fast, effective data management and storage crucial to keep the business’ R&D function at the top of its game. Adder Technology worked with NetApp Gold Partner, Silverbug, to install two NetApp hybrid arrays with SnapMirror, SnapRestore and SnapVault capabilities. With this technology, even in the event of a system failure, the R&D department would only ever lose a maximum of an hour’s work, compared to a full day’s activity using the old system. The NetApp solution also opens up the possibility of future integration with Veeam and VMware further down the line.

Keith Shire, IT Manager, Adder Technology, said: “We spoke to a number of providers, but the NetApp solution provided by Silverbug was the clear winner. Not only did it offer unparalleled results against the IOPs and latency benchmarks we provided, but it’s a solution that can scale both up and out as the team and business grow. We’re excited to use the data management benefits that the NetApp solution offers such as deduplication, which we expect will boost the storage system’s already impressive performance even further.”

Amar Joban, Solutions Architect, Silverbug added: “As a NetApp Gold Partner, we are experts in providing our customers with innovative storage systems that can store, manage and protect their vital business data. We are proud to have been able to offer such a cost effective and efficient solution to Adder Technology that will grow alongside them and support their evolving business needs.”

Matt Watts, Director, Technology and Strategy, NetApp concluded: “Working with Adder Technology, we have provided a solution that will be essential in safeguarding their data, and we’re proud to be able to offer it peace of mind not just for the present, but for the future too. We look forward to supporting the business as it grows with modern infrastructure that delivers unbeatable speed and performance.”


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