Intility + DigiPlex set towards a sustainable future

DigiPlex and Intility have reduced the power needed for cloud services. Intilitys over 500 customers will now consume just 8.8W per hour per user, slightly more than what is needed to charge an iPhone.

In a world with ever-growing energy consumption and data generation, energy efficient data centres are vital. In fact, the world’s data centres now uses more power than Britain’s total consumption, and accounts for two percent of the world’s emissions of greenhouse gases. Experts predicts that power consumption will double in every four years. DigiPlex CEO, Gisle M. Eckhoff calls for a cleaner and greener data centre industry.

-          Digitization needs to be a step on the way for the world going green. Therefore, the data centre industry’s power consumption and emissions are not sustainable for the future, says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex.

Intility and DigiPlex has entered a partnership and together they will ensure that Intilitys customers use a minimal amount of green renewable energy. Through using a DigiPlex data centre, Intilitys 500 customers will consume approximately 8.8 W per hour per user, for their green, ISO-certified and energy efficient cloud services. This is slightly more than the amount of energy used to charge an IPhone. Intility CEO, Andreas Hisdal knows that there is just one way into the future, the sustainable way.


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