3D virtual reality visualisation across entire data centre estates

EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 software/sensor solution provides 360-degree unique virtual reality approach to data centre cooling and energy optimisation down to rack level.

EkkoSense has released EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 – a major new release of its immersive 3D thermal visualisation and monitoring software and sensor offering for managing critical data centre thermal risks. Available today, EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 provides organisations with real-time rack-level thermal monitoring using 360-degree virtual reality to visualise hot and cold spots - across entire data centre estates. The thermal optimisation approach is up to five times more cost-effective than traditional data centre cooling and typically delivers project ROI in under 12 months.

3D-modelling, 360-degree visualisation and real-time thermal monitoring is combined in EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 to provide data centre managers with a holistic and immersive 3D real-time view of their entire data centre environment. The latest version offers estate-wide aggregation, enabling high-level visualisation of key environmental, cooling and power metrics, as well as live indicators of any specific thermal, power or device communication issues.

“By providing true real-time thermal visualisation, EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 enables data centre managers to see exactly where they are under-cooling or over-cooling – right across their estate, enabling them to pinpoint issues to specific racks, cooling equipment, power units and other equipment. Having access to this kind of granular thermal performance data means that, instead of historically simply adding more expensive cooling equipment every time they encountered a problem, data centres can now move quickly to address individual thermal performance issues before they start to impact performance and resilience,” said Paul Milburn, EkkoSense’s Head of Product Management.

“Having access to this kind of thermal control also unlocks significant cost benefits for data centre operators, with ROI in under a year, and the ability to ensure risk-free thermal optimisation that’s up to five times more cost-effective than traditional cooling strategies,” he added.

Key EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 functionality includes rack-level thermal/airflow/power monitoring from manual and sensor inputs; 3D visualisation of your data centre’ thermal and cooling profiles, enabling you to track cooling performance/efficiency and manage thermal compliance; and an easy-to-use rapid 3D Room Builder that lets data centre managers model and build their own room layouts virtually. The solution’s 3D immersive views let you virtually walk through your data centre environment – regardless of location – to check on specific racks and monitor air flows.

In addition to estate-wide aggregation and its VR capability, EkkoSoft Critical 3.0 also features:

20 new Room Builder objects, including; Data Centre and Telco Racks equipment Cooling (In Row cooling and external chiller plant) Power, including batteries and DC rectifier cabinets Unique Cooling Trend visualisations – to indicate the true performance of all cooling units and highlight effectiveness in enabling best practice cooling strategies  Floor-vent animations – animated floor-vents give a dynamic indication of airflow and temperature distribution around the room in line with optimisation improvements Timeline updates – with easier historical and project navigation Alerting - both on screen and email alerting on non-thermal compliance introduced Group – customise visualisations by creating groups and updating key parameters, such as varied compliance standards quickly across groups Search function – Improved object selector and search function


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