Future Facilities launches Data Centre Simulation on the web

The latest version of Future Facilities software suite will debut at DCD Enterprise 2017 and includes the first web-based toolset, empowering data centre designers and operators to increase facility reliability, efficiency, and visibility.

Future Facilities will be unveiling Release 11 of its 6SigmaDCX software suite. Release 11 includes the launch of 6SigmaAcccess, a multi-user web-based product designed specifically to streamline IT deployment.

6SigmaAccess is connected to Future Facilities’ Engineering Simulation engine, which allows teams to gain insight into the impact of IT being deployed into the Data Centre before any physical installation takes place. The desktop applications within DCX 11 deliver over 200 enhancements over DCX 10. The solver engine has been tuned to offer 2x speed up across all number of cores. This coupled with fully automated cloud solving through Rescale offers unlimited, flexible and scalable compute power.

Additionally, connectivity to the wider data center community is delivered through integrations with Cormant-CS as well as The Green Grid’s (TGG) Performance Indicator (PI). Integration with the PI enables end users to visualize their facility’s performance against using three key metrics: IT Thermal Conformance, IT Thermal Resilience and PUE Ratio.

“6SigmaDCX is a powerful and intuitive modeling and simulation tool that has been tailored for data center staff that don’t have extensive backgrounds in thermal design,” said Sherman Ikemoto, Director of Future Facilities (North America). “Release 11 includes a robust list of enhancements that increase the versatility and functionality of the software suite. The result is a greater capability to predict and analyze events in the data center before deploying IT equipment and critical infrastructure, which is a major advantage in preventing downtime and loss of capital.”


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