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Eaton has published a new guide to help organisations build more efficient power management strategies that will effectively support the requirements of modern IT architectures. The power management company’s latest guide outlines what IT professionals need to consider to optimise their power infrastructure and achieve higher efficiency and business continuity.

“As scalable, flexible and compatible IT infrastructures become the norm, the role of power management is becoming ever more crucial”, comments Gary Bowdler, Integrated Solutions Specialist Eaton EMEA. “In today’s high availability IT environments, the cost of downtime can average 6000 euros per hour for a small business, rising to a staggering 66,000 euros per hour for a medium-sized enterprise. By implementing a robust power management strategy, companies can protect their operations and safely explore the many benefits offered by modern flexible IT infrastructures.”

To create a cohesive and effective power management strategy, IT managers need to select power devices, software and service tools that will combine into a resilient, long-term solution whilst performing reliably on their own. In line with this, the new guide provides expert advice on the key aspects relating to protection, distribution, organisation, management and maintenance within a power infrastructure. These five focus areas, ensure due consideration is given to all of the individual components in a power chain that are required to achieve optimal efficiency, security and business continuity.

Topics covered, within the guide, include the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), batteries, rack power distribution units, power management software and racks. The guide also discusses the crucial role of maintenance and servicing in ensuring the reliability of equipment in the long and short term. It also explores how virtualisation-ready power management software can enable organisations to realise the full benefits of their virtualised IT applications.


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