Ransomware attacked, what now?

On Friday afternoon, the NHS was hit by a cyber attack of historic proportions, affecting trusts and public health services nationwide. This is a stark illustration that ransomware is a very real threat, and does not discriminate when it comes to crippling businesses. In a technology age where cyber attacks and being virtually held to ransom are the new normal, it’s absolutely critical to have a strategy in place to both combat attacks when they happen, and to ultimately prevent them before they do.

Reining in on industrial automation: The benefits of cloud computing in the manufacturing industry

The domestic canary isn’t what most of us would consider a tool for industrial labour. But in 1988, hundreds of these birds were made redundant from their small, yet significant roles in Britain’s coal mining industry. Earlier mines lacked air ventilation, which meant these ill-fated birds were favoured as the gas detectors of choice. Today, advancements in connectivity and the introduction of cloud computing are making monitoring industrial environments a lot more sophisticated. As we enter the era of the smart factory, Johannes Petrowisch, Global Partner & Business Development Manager of industrial automation software expert, COPA-DATA, discusses the benefits of cloud computing for the manufacturing industry.

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