Infomart Dallas launches Private Data Center Suite

Infomart Data Centers, a national wholesale data center provider, announces the commissioning of a new private colocation suite within its Infomart Dallas facility.  Designed to maximize efficiency, the highly-connected space also provides access to carriers and an internet exchange already built into Infomart’s carrier-neutral Building Meet-Me Room (BMMR).  As the owner and operator of the building, Infomart offers $0 monthly cross-connect fees within the BMMR to facilitate further interconnection within the iconic data center hub.

Cloud computing development given huge funding boost

Despite Brexit, the Europe-wide UK-led movement to develop more secure and flexible cloud computing technologies at the level of application has been given a big boost in form of a €4.2 million research grant. The project will make it possible for European small and medium sized business (SMEs) and public organisations to benefit from cutting-edge scalable cloud computing technologies making them more competitive on a global stage.

Hyperscaler demand fails to undermine continued colocation growth

New research conducted by IDC has found that while 2017 represents a massive year for hyperscale data centres, this will not be at the expense of colocation facilities. This is according Greg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data, who states that the scalability of OCP-ready colocation facilitates will provide customers with a better environment to host and grow their IT infrastructure.

Bennetts, the UK’s premier motorcycle insurer, moves into the fast lane

Datapipe has completed a project to move Bennetts, the UK’s premier motorcycle insurer, to a private cloud infrastructure, in just 4 months. Datapipe moved Bennetts’ entire production e-commerce platform, including both the application and web stacks, to a private cloud and then went on to add full resiliency to Bennetts’ infrastructure in time for its busiest spring and summer months.

Tieto to help ÅF modernize IT infrastructure

Tieto has signed a four-year deal with Swedish engineering and consultancy firm ÅF to modernize the company’s IT infrastructure around the world. The contract extends Tieto’s strategic partnership with ÅF and will help the firm pursue its aggressive growth targets with the help of cutting-edge cloud services and workplace solutions

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