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Sky collaborates with Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless is working with Sky to develop a new wireless access point (AP) solution to increase Wi-­‐‑Fi connectivity and in high footfall usage areas such as Coffee shops and bars. This new service, available now, was created with Ruckus Wireless for its leadership in smart wireless services and software to improve customer experience and reduce network implementation costs for Sky.

The Scripps Research Institute leverages end-to-end DDN storage

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), one of the world’s largest independent organizations focusing on biomedical research, has deployed DDN’s end-to-end data management solutions, including high performance SFA7700X™ file storage automatically tiered to WOS® object storage archive, to support fast analysis and cost-effective retention of research data produced by cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM).

Siemon launches new aisle containment solutions

Siemon is expanding its line of WheelHouse™ advanced data centre solutions to include comprehensive aisle containment solutions with both cold aisle containment (CAC) and hot aisle containment (HAC) options that significantly improve efficiency and cost-effectively expand capacity for today’s data centres.

CenturyLink taps Aqua Comms

CenturyLink has activated two 100 Gigabit waves of high capacity connectivity between New York and London on Aqua Comms’ America-Europe Connect (AEConnect) subsea cable system. The provisioning of secure and reliable capacity on the next-generation subsea fibre optic network will support CenturyLink’s U.S. to Europe broadband traffic.